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Intelligent Automation

Automation In Healthcare: Achieving Operational Efficiency At Scale

Healthcare providers should be able to focus on one goal above all else: outstanding patient outcomes. Automation in healthcare can help achieve this focus. Think of […]

Business Process Vs. Workflow: What’s The Difference?

What’s in a name? Can the terms “business process” and “workflow” be used interchangeably? Are they the same thing, or not? And—maybe most importantly—does it even […]
Intelligent Automation

Mortgage Automation Software: What Lenders Need To Know

Before you can issue a mortgage loan, you need an intense amount of documentation. Tax records, pay stubs, credit reports, bank statements, home inspections: Mortgage applications […]

Data Entry Automation: What Is It?

About half of today’s work activities can be automated with available technology, reports McKinsey—and rote data entry is certainly a prime candidate. Before you decide if […]

Attended vs. Unattended RPA: What’s The Difference?

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is a software that has the ability to launch and operate other applications using robots, also called bots. Professionals across many […]
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation In Banking: What It Means In Practice

For the most part, the banking industry has readily embraced technology. Large banks, in particular, have been experimenting for years with a variety of digital systems, […]

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