Process Analysis

Business is a Process. Discovering and optimising processes is extremely critical for your business to thrive in today’s competitive market. Only the right mix of domain knowledge and technology can help your company speed up these processes, improving both internal efficiencies and your customer and employee experiences. Our team of process improvement consultants has a vast knowledge of business processes which has been developed over years of practical experience.

Process Automation

Nividous provides unmatched DPA platform based process automation services. Our consultants have deep knowledge of delivering world class process solutions on IBM, Bizagi, Appian and Nividous RPA platforms. Nividous has developed unique methodology for each of these DPA platforms to significantly reduce time to market. In addition, Nividous bring a set of accelerators and toolkits in the form of re-usable components to expedite process automation.

Solution Support

As part of this Solution support offering, Nividous provides both Level 2 and Level 3 support. Level 2 support includes fielding calls specific to the DPA solution from IT help desk, regular application maintenance, troubleshooting and issue resolution. Level 3 support includes fielding escalations, fixing application issues, developing enhancements and solution migration.

Health Check

Performance and scale issues can be very difficult to resolve in the production environment and can be costly and time consuming. If the solution is not tuned to meet the changes in the operating requirements, it can drastically impact business operations. The Nividous Performance Health Check will ensure that your DPA Solution is prepared to deliver optimal performance.