Shvetal Desai

Shvetal Desai

Co-Founder, Nividous

Shvetal has over 25 years of experience in the process automation space and brings tremendous knowledge to help clients navigate their digital transformation journey. He plays a leading role in steering innovation for the Nividous’ one-of-a-kind Hyperautomation platform.


In this second webinar of the Intelligent automation series, we will discuss classic real-world use cases that you can relate to regardless of your industry and company size.

Whether your employees are wasting valuable time on data entry, or you are experiencing a process bottleneck that is impacting sales, customer service, or product delivery, Intelligent Automation can help you effectively navigate through these common business challenges.

We will talk about the application of intelligent automation across business functions ranging from Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Customer onboarding, and other cross-functional processes.

Our focus will remain on showcasing how IA enables you to automate more and more tasks within an entire process workflow delivering improved process turnaround time, increased process visibility, and better compliance and process control.

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Join this webinar to gather insights on:

  • Challenges of manual processes across business functions.
  • How IA can help overcome these challenges.
  • Nividous Platform’s IA capabilities.
  • Nividous IA platform case studies across various functions.