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Nividous at a glance

Nividous is a global software development and consulting company specializing in delivering outsourced business solutions that require deep technology knowledge, process proficiency and domain expertise. Nividous was formed with the vision of creating the maximum business value for enterprises around the globe by helping them work at their peak efficiency.

Mission & Vision

Nividous is primarily formed to address the implementation challenges that organizations face worldwide, while adopting new technology platforms. Our solution delivery approach combines aspects of both, onshore and offshore models providing our clients with the highest quality projects at significantly reduced costs. The expert team has built and successfully implemented robust business process automation tools and delivered best in class offshore software development services to enterprises globally. As a dynamic and innovative organization, we are always looking at unique ways to address information and process related challenges for our customers.


October, 2018

Nividous wins ‘Partner of the Year 2018, APAC’ award from Bizagi

The Nividous team wins the award at Bizagi Catalyst 2018 event in Miami, Florida for demonstrating excellence in helping customers successfully implement Bizagi software in their businesses.

November, 2017

Nividous partners with Edelweiss Private Wealth Management

Nividous partners with Edelweiss to automate its several core processes with the help of Nividous’ Robotic Process Automation solution. Edelweiss has been successful in delivering elevated customer experiences.

February, 2017

Nividous makes available RPA Toolkit.

Nividous RPA toolkit is built using best of breed technologies and complements BPM initiatives with Robotics Process Automation (RPA).

January, 2017

Nividous expands US operation.

Senior executives join Nividous to help expand its presence in North America.

September, 2016

Nividous partners with leading Digital Business Platform provider Bizagi.

Nividous builds deep expertise in the Bizagi platform to help customer adoption in North America, EU and Asia-Pacific.

August, 2016

Nividous and Salient Process partner for bluewash of Spark UI toolkit

Nividous partners with Salient Process to incorporate Spark UI toolkit as a default toolkit for IBM BPM.

June, 2016

Nividous announces availability of its Rules and Gamification Toolkits

Nividous announces availability of its Rules toolkit for business user rule management and Gamificaiton Toolkit for applying game mechanics to business processes.

May, 2016

Nividous delivers complex Portal and Mobile app solution.

Nividous team successfully delivers a complex portal and mobile app solution for a Houston based Optometrist consolidator.

March, 2016

Leading insurer migrates from Savvion to IBM Business Automation Workflow Platform

Nividous helps a leading insurer in migrating new business underwriting solution from Savvion to IBM business automation workflow platform in 3 months.

February, 2016

Nividous' banking customer wins Finnoviti and IDBRT 2016 award.

Nividous' customer wins Finnoviti and IDBRT 2016 award for improving rural banking processes.

November, 2015

Nividous' Customer wins WfMC award for excellence in BPM second year in a row.

Nividous' customer wins this coveted award second year in a row for organization wide adoption of BPM with 25+ process solutions.

September, 2015

Nividous makes available its Analytics Toolkit

Nividous announces availability of its analytics toolkit for business users

April, 2015

Nividous partners with Appian.

Nividous has built capabilities on the Appian platform for providing BPM implementation services and attends Appian World in Washington D.C.

February, 2015

Nividous makes available Test Automation Toolkit

Nividous announces availability of multi-layer Test Automation toolkit for maintainable automated testing and continuous integration (DevOps).

November, 2014

Nividous' customer, a US Mortgage company, wins WfMC award for excellence in BPM

A leading US-based mortgage company wins 2014 WfMC award for excellence in BPM for title clearance process solution.

October, 2014

Nividous expands it's presence in Ahmedabad and Mumbai

Nividous moves into state of the art modern facilities in Mumbai as well as Ahmedabad.

August, 2014

Nividous builds one of the most complex BPM based Order Management Solutions.

Nividous helps one of the largest media translation companies to roll out a BPM-based order management solution across 40 countries.

December, 2013

Nividous signs up a leading US based mortgage company to unlock its investment in the BPM platform.

Nividous partners with leading US based mortgage company to unlock its investment in the BPM platform by providing training, implementation services, and solution support.

March, 2013

Nividous partners with IBM and attends IBM Impact 2013 in Las Vegas.

Nividous builds capabilities on IBM business automation workflow platform and starts working closely with IBM India team to take solutions to end customers.

December, 2012

Nividous launches North America operations

Nividous expands its presence into North America by launching its North America operations.

August, 2012

Nividous launches Advisor platform.

Advisor Platform complements existing enterprise software investments by providing functionality for adjacent platforms.

March, 2012

Nividous signs up a leading third-party logistics company as customer.

Nividous delivers more than 10 process solutions for a leading logistics company in shortest possible time.

November, 2011

Nividous signs up largest BPO company as its customer.

Nividous provides its expert Savvion BPM services to build next generation BPM based framework for largest BPO company.

July, 2011

Nividous Software Solutions is formed.

Kaushal Mashruwala and Shvetal Desai form Nividous to solve BPM implementation problems faced by several customers across the globe.

January, 2010

Progess Software acquires BPMS provider Savvion.

Progress Software acquires Savvion to incorporate BPM capabilities in next generation enterprise software platform.