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Exposing Savvion portal to internet for JBOSS application servers


This post will help you to expose Savvion BPM portal to the Internet when installed with the JBOSS application servers


Savvion cannot be accessed by default through the internet when installed with the JBOSS application server. It can only be accessed from the same host using localhost in the URL or from the IP address / actual hostname in the same intranet. We have to do the below changes in order to expose it to the internet.

Step 1:

For this we have to modify startEjbServer and startPortalServer commands located under JBOSS_HOME/bin directory of Savvion.

The path will be:


Here SBM_HOME refers to the path where your SBM is installed.

Step 2:

Configuration for the EJB Server:

Make the change in the below line from call %SBM_HOME%\jboss\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c ejbServer -b localhost

to call %SBM_HOME%\jboss\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c ejbServer -b

In other words, the general path would be:

call %APPSERVER_HOME%\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c %EJB_SERVER_NAME% -b

Step 3:

Configuration for the Portal Server:

Make the change in the below line from call %SBM_HOME%\jboss\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c portalServer -b localhost

to call %SBM_HOME%\jboss\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c portalServer -b

In other words, general path would be:

call %APPSERVER_HOME%\bin\jbossrun.cmd -c %PORTAL_SERVER_NAME% -b

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