BPM for BPO Companies: One of the World’s Largest BPO Improves Time to Revenue by 300%

BPM for BPO Companies: One of the World’s Largest BPO Improves Time to Revenue by 300%

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One of the world’s largest BPO that provides digitally-powered BPO services to hundreds of clients globally approached Nividous for improving margins. The BPO serves one-fifth of the Fortune Global 500 companies and has grown to support customers with a workforce of 70000 people with operations in 25 countries.


Looking for differentiation from other BPO vendors, the client wanted to keep margins high, while catering to large scale customers that offered accounts payable (AP) process. The major challenges that were being faced by the client, included:

  • Competitive pressures forcing the client to adopt a transaction-based pricing model instead of conventional seat-based model. The transaction-based pricing model needed improvement in internal efficiency by automating existing processes.
  • Fulfilling requirements laid down by end-customers in SLA to avoid penalties, requiring the client to maintain complete transparency, even in high-volume processes.
  • Requirement of an advanced, next-gen platform to support thousands of concurrent users working in multiple shifts.
  • Requirement to reduce time-to-revenue by implementing a new system to process invoices.
  • Requirement of a system that supported unique installation of invoice processing system to meet security reasons laid down by end-customers.


Nividous team along with customer IT team designed and developed a completely new AP framework for the client that worked on the Savvion BPM. The new system offered solutions to existing challenges in by providing:

  • A highly-configurable framework that was developed as per best business practices and client’s feedback and experience of working with multiple customers
  • Automated AP process that pushed an assignment based on the skill-set for efficient execution
  • 50+ easy to configure reports that offered greater transparency to process manager and end-customer by highlighting various service level parameters of process execution including turnaround time, workload, volume, etc.
  • Ready-to-use, out-of-the-box adapters with popular ERPs that facilitated integration with end-customer’s ERPs
  • A mechanism that allowed managers at the end-customer’s side to approve invoices through emails.

Owing to significant benefits and success of the AP framework, the client productized the framework developed by Nividous. Some of the benefits derived by the client, included:

  • Significant reduction in maintenance throughout 60+ installations that supported 50-1000 concurrent users each.
  • Increasing top-line and bottom-line through a mechanism that offered transaction-based pricing to end consumer owing to the ability of measuring different processes
  • Reduction in time to revenue from 12 weeks to 4 weeks


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