Voice and chat enabled Nividous RPA Bots

    Voice and Chat Enabled Nividous RPA Bots Enable Enhanced Customer Experience


    The customer provides acquisition and operational support solutions to optometry practices, allowing for maximized value through scale, collaboration, innovative thinking, and a strong vision for future growth. The company is spread across 90 locations in 8 states and is growing rapidly. Their goal is to use strong acquisition strategies to reach 150 locations in the span of a year.


    Call center was the key channel for patients to make an appointment and aggressive expansion through acquisitions required a significant increase in agent headcounts at call centers. The inflexible core system did not provide necessary APIs for third party system integration, resulting in customer’s inability to provide customer service through any other channel.


    The Nividous team offered an efficient solution utilizing voice and chat enabled cognitive Nividous RPA Bots to serve the patients in appointment scheduling. Patients can interact through automated voice or chat Bot to locate the nearest store or to book an appointment very quickly.

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