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An Insurer Automates its Auto Termination Pay-Out Process Using a RPA Bot


The customer is one of India’s youngest life insurance companies and has presence in over 1,000 cities and towns across the country through 10,000+ points of sale. The company has access to a network of 8000+ branches and more than 50 million customers across India.

The daily task to identify auto-termination policies and to process the pay-outs required users to manually gather and update information from multiple discrete systems. The process was time consuming and labor intensive which resulted in human errors.

The Nividous team developed and deployed a RPA Bot within three weeks to eliminate daily manual efforts and enable process efficiency. The RPA bot extracts data from multiple systems like portals and legacy apps, applies filters based on rules, performs quality check on that data offline and sends automated email notifications to the system users.

Download the case study to learn the key features of the Nividous RPA Bot.

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