Acuity RPA Benefits Eligibility Extraction

    An Eyecare Group Saves 1500 Man-Hours Per Month with Nividous RPA Bots


    The group empowers doctors to deliver world-class patient care and service by leveraging eyecare industry best practices, innovation, and collaboration. The customer has arrangements with more than 31 insurance carriers offering hundreds of different plans for its wide range of eyecare products and services.


    More than 500 patients who come through scheduled appointments daily expect to be well-informed about their insurance benefit eligibility. The eyecare professionals needed to manually extract their insurance benefit eligibility details from different standalone legacy applications. This process was time-intensive and error-prone.


    The process of checking insurance benefit eligibility across 31 insurance carriers was automated using Nividous Bots to replace the manual tasks and enable speed and accuracy. The customer realized several benefits with the end-to-end process automation solution such as saving of 1500 man-hours per month, enhanced process visibility for doctors, up to 60% increased efficiency and better data auditability.

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