An Eyecare Group Automates Insurance Claim Process with Nividous RPA


A market leading eyecare group empowers eyecare professionals with the tools and resources necessary to provide their patients with full-scope professional eyecare and the highest quality product assortment and value. The customer has arrangements with more than 31 insurance carriers offering hundreds of different insurance plans for its wide range of eyecare products and services.


The customer received numerous submissions on a daily basis for claim processing that required administrative staff to manually verify the details and update isolated legacy systems and end-customers.


The successful deployment of Nividous RPA Bots enabled up to 95% automation replacing manual tasks related to claim verification and submission. The Bots can be scheduled to run at a specific interval, or they can be executed on-demand. Enhanced process visibility and 100 percent data accuracy are some of the key benefits.

Download the full case study to learn more about the features of Nividous’ robotic process automation product that can automate your end-to-end insurance claims process.

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