IBM BPM performance tuning strategy part I

IBM BPM performance tuning strategy part I

IBM BPM provides intuitive tools for rapid design and development of process applications. During the execution of projects, lot of the attention is paid to form interfaces and functional aspects to give ensure best user experience. Once of the most important aspects of user experience for enterprise application (which a process application is) is response time of forms that end-users need to work with.

Response time directly relates to performance of IBM BPM installation. Though during installation basic tuning invariably done. It is important to revisit tuning and keep aside some effort to review tuning parameters that effect performance of application.

If performance tuning is not done properly, it is likely to result in delayed Go-Live and effect project deadlines. Worst, if performance issues occur after going live, the end users very quickly lose confidence in newly designed application.
Performance Tuning is relatively complex task and it becomes a real challenge to get the best result in reasonable amount of time.

Performance tuning is required at difference levels Hardware, Network, Database, Operating System, Application Server, and Application Code etc. Invariably, tuning is required at all levels to achieve the best results. To achieve the best result in reasonable amount of time, one should start with the concrete strategy. The strategy must consider parallel execution of the tasks and the prioritization of the tuning areas.

In the next blog we will discuss some low hanging fruits for quick win and in subsequent blogs discuss detail of various areas.

Happy reading.

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