Announcing BPM cheat sheet blog series

Announcing BPM cheat sheet blog series

BPM implementation services is at the core of Nividous Software Solutions. In less than 4 years, Nividous has grown significantly and have helped customers across the globe from variety of verticals to take advantage in their investments in BPMS.

Through this journey, Savvion implementation services has always been part of Nividous’s offering. This was straight forward decision given lot members of our team come with Savvion background and both the founders being part of Savvion since day one and with Progress Software after acquisition of Savvion.

Nividous has now mature practices established for Savvion, IBM Business Automation Workflow, and Camunda (Open Source) platforms.

Currently, Nividous has more than 10 active customers in their BPM programs. Through this short but very successful journey, our team has had a lot of learning that we can share for the benefit of customers and practitioners in this space. This learning (that have now been incorporated in our best practices), come from both Program/Project Management, implementation (architecture, design, development) as well as post production care.

Nividous is starting a blog series on Cheat Sheet on each of these technologies later this week. Through this series, our consultants will be publishing their views, approaches or tricks for different aspects of BPM Programs. Though companies like IBM and Appian have a very active forums, we wanted to reach out to broader audience move cause of BPMS ahead for wider adoption and benefit.

These blogs will be regularly tweeted under hashtag of #BPMCheatSheet and published as post on LinkedIn, in addition to Nividous website. Keep an eye on it, as it will be very helpful to you in variety of ways and feel free to reach out to us, in case you have any specific question or problem that you need help with.

Happy reading!

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